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Victoria Sponge for 24

Preparation time: 15-20 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour
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600g Plain flour 

30g Baking powder 

300g Granulated sugar

300g Margarine 

3 Eggs

200g Dried milk 

500mls Water 


1. Line or grease your baking tins/dishes

2. Mix sugar and margarine to create a creamy texture

3. Sieve the flour, dried milk and baking powder

4. Add the egg and water to form a dropping consistency, do not overmix as batter will not rise.

5. Portion the mixture into greased tins/dishes using a measuring jug (1 litre per half baking tin).

6. Steam for approximately 1 hour.


Cooks Tip: Individual sponges can be made in greased 5oz drinking glasses filled to the line, place in BS tin, cover and steam.

Several variations can be made by adding different ingredients to plain mix including cocoa for chocolate sponge

Recipe created by:

Brooke Primary School

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